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Patent Analyst Training In Chennai | IPR Filing Services In Chennai

Patent Analyst Training In Chennai

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Patentability aspect analysis

The primary, but an important stage which makes the inventor to understand positives and shortfalls in their invention. A straightforward report on the invention prepared by IP Ever professionals, either will give confidence to go ahead further in Patent processing or saves the time, and cost by not pursuing more with the invention proposed.

Patent search report

A detailed comprehensive report can make the inventor to understand similar inventions in the form prior arts exist in the public domain; accordingly,the inventor can fine tune their invention proposed

IP ever engages in four various essential patents searching in the relevant databases, namely

Patentability search

At the time of filing patent application to provide the similar prior arts existing.

Freedom to Operate search

Mostly, before venturing into the market, Inventors will be provided with availability of similar inventions/products in the market, which delivers the strength of the invention and also precautions about the competitors.

Patent invalidity search

Enforcing your patent rights means better revenue from your invention. A report on this, will enable the inventors to identify potential infringement being pursued by the competitors or anyone.

State of the Art search

Patent rights gives the monopoly privilege to the inventor; however, the boundary or scope of your invention should be extended by carefully including state of art technologies relevant to the invention. The specific report will enable the invention to perform so.

Provisional specification

Protection for the idea can ensure earlier priority date than your competitors. A strong legal support will be provided to maximize the opportunity of having an extended landscape while filing provisional specification.

Components to be included are, Title, Field of Invention, Background of Invention, Summary of Invention, Abstract, Illustration (Optional) and Claims (Optional).

Complete specification

A detailed report as per patent office rules will be drafted along with necessary illustrations.

Components to be included are, Title, Field of Invention, Background of Invention, Objects, Summary, Illustration, Brief description, Detailed description, Claims and Abstract

Patent filing

The respective forms, FORM 1, FORM 2, FORM 3, FORM 5, FORM 8, FORM 9, FORM 18 and FORM 26 will be prepared as per the Patent office rules and submitted.

Patent enforcement

All legal protection will be provided when there is an infringement done by the competitor or anyone, purposely.

Preparation of response to FER

IP Ever is also involved in the preparation of response to the First Examination Report and taking part in the proceedings followed by